Jam Jar 2009 Sweet Shiraz

Trader Joe’s has done it again! This is an incredibly drinkable read with a sweetness that is very approachable. Though it does make you think it is a great affordable staple. At 9 smackers, its a crowd pleaser, great for bbqs and pork based foods.

Cost: $9

Sip: jammy, fruit, a little spice, straight forward, very sweet

Sniff: light notes of cherries, stone fruit

Eat: BBQ, chinese food, pork

Rating: Not Bad


2 responses to “Jam Jar 2009 Sweet Shiraz

  1. I was searching this wine around Google and your blog came up. Good to know it’s at Trader Joe’s. Had it at a friends recently and couldn’t get enough.

  2. I know it’s not the most sophisticated wine in the world, but it’s a wine that makes me think, “Okay, this is yummy, maybe I Can get into wine.”

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