Old Moon Zinfandel

At 5.99 a bottle from Trader Joe’s this bottle is a complete stand out. I always have some on hand. Plummy with a surprising depth in character and a slight coat to the tongue that hints of tannin makes this incredibly well balanced. I would say it holds up to bottles at much higher price points. I love drinking this alone or having it with pastas, pizza, bbq, anything a red can hold up to.

3 responses to “Old Moon Zinfandel

  1. Sounds like a savvy bargain! Thanks for the recommendation! Cheers!

  2. I had this wine at a relative’s house in Virginia and really liked it. Unfortunately PA is still behind in liquor laws and our Trader Joes doesn’t sell wine. Hopefully I can find it though in the liquor store here.

  3. I tried this at a tasting and had to have it. Tastes expensive lol–bring it to the inlaws.

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