Highland Park

When I was first introduced to whisky it served as a warning. My parents had received a bottle of crown royale that had come in a cobalt blue bottle and velvet bag, irresistable to a young girl who had a bizarre attraction to purple and velvet. They let me have a sip and I thought I was turned off of alcohol for life, the burn, the disgusting aftertaste….the burn. Little did I know that I’d become a scotch lover again years later. My new found love is the Highland Park 18 year. With notes of toffee caramel that lingers on the nose and tongue with just enough leather and smoke to make you feel how truly lux scotch can be the puppy just screams for a good cigar and a salty story.  Endorsed to me and a friend by an older gentleman and his wife who clearly knew their stuff, I am eternally greatful to these knowledgable strangers who had pitty on two young novices looking lost in the scotch aisle.

One response to “Highland Park

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed this one. I love the Highland 12 yr, which I consider one of the most well rounded scotches I’ve tried. I’ve not yet had the chance to try the 18.

    Keep up with the blogging – you have a talent for writing.


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