Three Score & 10

Had a really good bottle of wine last night, the III Associates Three Score & 10 Grenache/Shiraz 2005, from McLaren Vale, Australia. It had raisin-y notes, but what I really loved about it was the weight of the wine, nice and heavy – quite a noticeable change from the big-boobs-but-no-ass wines I’ve had recently, you know, the wines with a lot of flavor upfront but which quickly disappear into nothingness. Anyway, as I was saying, I really liked the feel of the wine. There was some earthiness and oak to it too, mixed in with the rich plum mouth feel. Mmm! It’s bottles like this that reminds me of why I really like Grenache/Shiraz blends.


One response to “Three Score & 10

  1. i love grenache/shiraz as well but my favorites are gsm’s–grenache/shiraz/mataro or straight grenache mataro

    see if you can track down a bottle of rbj theologicum for a lovely g/m–australian. details on my blog

    i had one of the most amazingly wonderful wines of my life the other night (haven’t written it up yet on my blog)–twisted oaks gsm. wow. everything i’ve had of theirs is spectacular.

    love your rating system!

    i have another blog also:

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