Land’s Edge Pinot Noir

2005 Hartford Court Pinot Noir
Land’s Edge Vineyards, Sonoma Coast – Orgasmic


Dinner with an old friend tonight, along with a bottle of Land’s Edge Pinot Noir 2005 I’d been saving for a more special occasion. The conversation was heartfelt and plenty fun, and the food (at a BYOB restuarant just a couple blocks from my place) delicious. The sauted white fish was plenty scrumptious, and brought back fond memories of steamed white fish at home in Singapore, but the rabbit stew was heavenly with the wine. The wine, oh the wine. The nose was reminiscent of Pinot Noirs – with soft perfumes of wet earth and cedar, mixed with aromas and sweet flavors of black berries and cherries, and rounded off with a hint of coffee. And so, so, smooth, it just slid down my throat and made my hand involuntarily reach for the bottle for more. We both agreed, it was one of the most beautiful bottles we’ve had in a while.


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