A Bit of History: Château Soutard 1982


Château Soutard 1982
Saint Emilion GCC
France – Bordeaux – Vin rouge

The other night, I tasted a little bit of history – I had dinner with my boss and his wife, and, as a birthday present, he’d brought along a bottle of Château Soutard 1982 for us to have with dinner. It was a really thoughtful and sweet gift, and he knew that I’d never had a bottle that old before.

What a treat! A deep inky red, the wine was wonderfully smooth and incredibly fruity on the palate, almost to the point of sweetness. I was quite amazed that it still seemed so alive and warm and so rich. Did a little googling online, and found that this is the right time now to drink the wine – before 2000, the tannins were still overwhelming. Definitely not the case now!

Maya in Sideways: “The day you open a ’61 Cheval Blanc, that’s the special occasion.”


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