Hot port for a cold, rainy day

Getting to work this morning was miserable, not least because the treacherous downpour let up as soon as I stepped into the office. Fortunately, my useful little space heater warmed me – and dried my sodden open-toe shoes and pants – in no time.

Fortunately, there are cures for otherwise despondent and gloomy days. Think a glass of hot port with a twist of lemon, and a brand new book awaiting to be explored, or a group of close friends lounging in plush arm chairs in a dimly lit room. I’ve had glugg (hot spiced red wine) and warm mead before, but was introduced to hot port at the Duke of Perth one recent nippy fall night.

It was delicious, and I’m a convert, not least because of the generous pour. Now, I love port by itself, but I usually can’t drink more than a half glass at a time because at 20% alcohol, it’s too sweet for my palate.

75% port
25% boiling water
Twist of lemon
Nutmeg, sugar, and cinnamon to taste (my hot port didn’t come with the spices, but I think I’ll add these the next time I drink it)
Mix, and enjoy



3 responses to “Hot port for a cold, rainy day

  1. Hot port… mmmmmmm… Mid-way through a long walk along the Pennine Way, most of it in a light drizzle, about 8 or 9C, steady SE wind 10-20km/h you take a break. You step up the well-worn steps into the inn, over to the fire and sit. Complain to innkeeper good-naturedly that the old bones aren’t as resilient as they used to be. He suggests hot port with lemon — your English friend nods knowingly and you agree. Minutes later it appears and you drink. Warmth spreads. Strength begins to return. You smile. Life is good. The way home will not be so long after all.

  2. hi jeff and ellen, glad to see that the port warmed you up nicely! now that it’s cold and dreary – well more than usual – in chicago, i can’t wait to kick back and relax by my fireplace with a glass and a nice book!

  3. 6years later we too after a long dreary foggy Sunday opened our. Bottle of port, put the kettle on ,sliced a lemon and we sat sipping ,

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