Recipes for the lazy

I’m a lazy cook, especially if I’m dining alone, so I usually opt for simple, easy to make dishes that use a minimal number of utensils and pans. Typically, on the rare occasion when I elect to cook, sautéed onions, mushrooms, green peppers and generous slices of spicy sausages drenched in pasta sauce and wine marinate is my dish of choice – washed down with a glass or two of red.

On Sunday though, I was craving some fish, and consequently headed out to buy a couple slabs of tuna steak. I rubbed pepper and salt into the fish, and doused it with some Viognier (Alamos, Viognier 2006, Mendoza Argentina) that I was drinking for good measure. While I left it to marinate, I sautéed some onions, mushrooms and baby carrots in a pan heated with a dab of olive oil. When the carrots were soft enough, I threw in the steak. Simple, and delicious.

I still have some of that Viognier left, and right now I’m kind of craving a steaming bowl of macaroni soup with shredded chicken. Figure I’ll just cook the macaroni in some chicken stock with generous shreds of chicken, and some of my leftover carrots. Nice and simple. Alas, I won’t be in town tonight and possibly won’t make it back in time for dinner tomorrow night, but if all goes to plan, I’d be enjoying the dregs of the Viognier along with the soup on Thursday. While watching Private Practice online. Hehe.


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