Raise the Glass: Clinking Glasses for a Toast 101

Tonight we had a special meeting of the Dead Grapes Society (DGS) featuring popular wines selected by Tastevine. The creator treated us to a good deal of quality liquid and taught me a brief lesson on how to clink a glass when toasting. I’ve decided to share this tidbit of wine etiquette to save all the poor unfortunate wine glass casualities resulting from careless toasts. Poor little chipped glasses destined for a life without more wine, so sad.

To make the proper clink:

1. Tilt the glasses about 20 degrees towards each other

2. place them side by side instead of lip to lip

3. Clink their cute little bellies together to make a delicate little tinkle

Viola, you can now clink and toast like a pro without chipped wine glasses!




One response to “Raise the Glass: Clinking Glasses for a Toast 101

  1. And what a pleasure it was!!

    Just to clarify, I’m not “the creator” of Tastevine… we have a great team that has been working really hard to get us to this point. I’m honored to be working with these guys.

    Cheers to you

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