Sauternes: A little fuzz ain’t so bad

A rich golden yellow, Sauternes just looks heavenly. I would have included a picture, but its so gorgeously golden you might go blind looking directly at it. In any event, if you noticed an Asian girl rubbing her hands together in front of the Sauternes section of a wine shop it was most likely me. This beautiful dessert wine is a combination of three grapes: Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscadelle. However, its not the combination grapes that give Sauternes its lovely richness, honeyed flavor, and raisiny notes its a fungus that some call the Noble Rot. This little fungus helps the grapes collect high amounts of sugar and alcohol while they ripen. Unfortunately, its quite difficult to grow proper grapes and most bottles can be quite pricey, hence all the hand rubbing..sigh šŸ˜¦ In terms of taste and luxury, Sauternes is the Apollo of wines, pure sunshine, honey, and to savor, but a little unattainable and fickle. Lucky me managed to snag a bottle though after all my lusting. In keeping with the fungus theme, I chose a salty blue cheese…mmm…amazing what a little something gross can do, Anjou pears, and some mellow cream crackers to balance out the sweetness of this wine. The combination was definitely tasty and appropriate for the lazy summer days.



Chateau Broustet Sauternes 2001 (France) $30 – Damn good šŸ˜‰


Sniff, sniff…..look how little I have left. You know why?…because it was damn good. (as in damn that girl is fine….or damn this chicken is tasty) Anyways, down to the knitty gritty. This particular bottle, although on the cheaper spectrum of Sauternes, is fantastic. It had a little nutty raisiny tones to it and was refreshingly sweet but not cloying. Fruity and vibrant with a hint of pear, this would make for a lovely start or end to a meal, day, or night. For those not into sweet at all it may be a bit much, but paired with salty treats such as blue cheese or cured meats this can definitely please anyone.

Sniff- honey, mild sweet

Sip- raisin, honey, pear, green grape (the real stuff, not the articial flavoring pop rocks kind)

Eat- salty fair balanced with fruit- cured meats, blue cheese, gruyere, feta, any salty cheese…would go well with goat cheese and light fruit


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