Pizza n’ Beer: Hefe Weissbier

Being from the East coast transplanted in the Midwest, I am always in search of good thin crust pizza. Tonight we got take away from Piece. The Wicker Park pizza/beer joint was hopping tonight and the wait totalled 1.5 hours, ouch….so I was glad to get my piping hot pie to go. To wash it all down, we bought two traditional German wheat beers, Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier and Kristall Wiessbier. Light, crisp, and tart, it went well with the saltiness of our pizza. It’s definitely good for summer. It was surprisingly light for a wheat beer and very drinkable.

Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier and Kristall Weissbier (Germany) $2 (1 Pint)- Not Bad 😐


With the aroma of citrus, cinnamon, and clover the Hefe Weissbier is a flavorful beer that is surprisingly light and thin. It goes down like a light Pilsner and less like its cloudier thicker cousin Belgian Wheat Ale. In terms of the Kristall Weissbier, this beer is much like the Hefe Weissbier but it has been filtered and is a tad lighter. Very similar to its non-filtered brother, these beers to me were virtually identical with a little less body and a little more fruit with the filtered Kristall. They both have a floral quality and a sweetness and bitterness to match. Like I said, great summer beers to bring to the beach or bbq.

Sniff- Citrus, cinnamon, flora

Sip- Clover, sweet, bitter, yeast

Eat- BBQ, Pizza, and Mexican Food…any greasy salty food option


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