Sheridan’s: Rich Man’s Bailey’s


Sheridan’s Original Irish Coffee Liquor (Dublin, Ireland)- $36- Orgasmic 😮

A long time favorite of these two Asians, Sheridan’s is a creamy rich coffee liquor. Peishan has been singing its praises for years. One side of the bottle features a creamy, white chocolaty concoction that blends with the dark rich liquor on the other side when poured side by side. Smooth, creamy and hella cool to pour, it’s definitely worth taking the time to savor. If you like Bailey’s at all and the general genre of cream liquors you will love this stuff. Unfortunately availability is sparse in the US and most often it can only be found in Duty free, but not in liquor stores. If anyone knows of a “source” please post! Peishan is hoarding away her two saved bottles.

Sniff: Sweet, creamy, coffee, chocolate

Sip: Creamy, smooth, rich, dark chocolate, rich coffee flavor, nutty

Eat: Stands alone, but would be wonderful with any dessert that is not too sweet, like a bittersweet chocolate mousse, or dark chocolate cookies


5 responses to “Sheridan’s: Rich Man’s Bailey’s

  1. actually, i have two and a half bottles. 🙂 the white cream is actually cream liquor, and the black coffee liquor.

    this is tons better than baileys. i’d give it two thumbs up, or, following our ratings guide, it garners an orgasmic. 😉

  2. I would like to order the Sheridan’s two asians and a bottle. Can you tell me how I would go about this since it is not available in our state store?

  3. hi Karen, unfortunately, I’ve not seen Sheridan anywhere in the US… I usually get it from friends/family who are traveling internationally. You can get them at the duty free in most airports.

  4. Actually, I recommend They deliver to the states in four days. Have used them twice now, and they are reliable!

  5. i saw a bottle in ATL [ the airport] december 2009

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