Ever since visiting Singapore, where in a dark club one of the tastiest lychee martini’s I have ever had was thrust into my hand, I’ve had a hankering for the fleshy white sweetness of this fruit in liquid form. Luckily, Sam’s Wine in Chicago came through and had Soho Lychee Liqueur. I know I know….this drink is available all over Chicago, but nothing adds a little class to a pregame party or a night hanging out like bringing something shaken into the mix.
What I used…
Lychee Juice (Available in juice box form in Chinatown- Mayflower, Chinatown Foods)
Lychee Liqueur
Canned Lychees (Chinatown, ethnic food isle at any grocery store)
What I think I poured into my shaker filled with ice…
Roughly 5 Shots of Lychee Liqueur (I would say fill the shaker 1/2 way with the stuff…you can barely taste the alcohol)
Fill remainder Lychee Juice 1/2 Shot of Lychee syrup from the can
Shake what your mama gave you…Strain into glasses and plop a few lychees in there and watch out! You’ve got yourself a sweet lychee drink. To give it a kick I would add some high quality vodka for next time, potentially lemon/lime flavored.

Other future uses for my lovely bottle of lychee heaven…Blending canned lychee, lychee juice, ice, and liqueur all together….mmmm

Soho Lychee Liqueur (750 mL)– $18 – Damn Good 🙂


It truly is pure essence of lychee, sweet with a little spiciness. Like I said before this is incredibly smooth and you barely taste the alcohol. To be true there isn’t that much alcohol in it, only 40 proof, but it is tasty. Complex and fruity…I highly recommend it.

Sniff- rose, sweet, light

Sip- pure lychee…only way to describe it

Eat- Good Summer Drink with any snacks


2 responses to “Lychee

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  2. no wonder you had me buy you the packet lychee drinks! 🙂

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