Two Polish Guys, A Girl, and A German Beer

Peter, Dave, and I decided to go out to dinner at a traditional highlander style polish restaurant, Szalas. You can’t miss this restaurant with its steeple roof and festive barrel like decor. It truly tries to bring a little bit of Zakopane, Poland (a beautiful mountainous region/vacation spot) to Chicago. When you arrive at the front entrance of the restaurant you pull a string which rings a cow bell that announces your arrival and someone opens the door to greet you. Upon entering, you notice all the wood and rustic knick knacks along with an indoor watermill. It borders on cheese, but in a good way. We all decided to order the Highlanders Special, which is a potato pancake topped with goulash and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese. With such hearty fare it seemed only natural to order a nice cold beer to wash it all down. I ordered one of the Pilsners they had on tap, Germany’s Warsteiner Pilsner, a perfect pairing to this stick to your ribs meal. Even better, all the beers came in huge half liter glass beer steins. 😉


Warsteiner Premium Verum (Germany) $11 (12 pack/12oz Bottles)- Not Bad 😐

Golden yellow and refreshing, this pilsner is a far cry from the more watery forms of this beer. Although its very light it does have a hint of sweetness and a little bitter hops but not too much. I have to admit that I didn’t take my time tasting this one as I was busy guzzling it down with my food, but it did enhance the eating experience and definitely was refreshing. Pretty tasty overall, I finished the whole half liter. 🙂

Sniff- yeasty, light

Sip- light, refreshing, crisp, mild hops

Eat- Polish hearty fare, pork chops, hot dogs, sausage




2 responses to “Two Polish Guys, A Girl, and A German Beer

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  2. This is probably one of my new favorite places. Its nice to have a restaurant to go to that feels like home. The food and beer were both great and I think I’ll take my family there after my graduation.

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