Peishan, chef extraordinaire, cooked tilapia in a white wine cream sauce with mushrooms and onions. Steve brought a bottle of Muscadet, which coincidentally was the same bottle I had tucked away in my wine rack. I had planned on drinking it with raw oysters but have yet to stumble upon a BYOB raw oyster bar in Chicago. (So if anyone has any places to suggest…. πŸ˜‰ ) In any event, it was a great surprise and both Peishan and I were excited to finally taste the Muscadet that we had saved for a rainy day so long ago. It was a great pairing, the creamy mild fish with the briny saltiness of the wine. My only regret was that we didn’t have the chance to use it to cook the fish. I can only imagine the lovely sea salt flavor it would have added to the dish. I would definitely want to try more Muscadets with some lobster and other shellfish.

Here is some information on Muscadets…this article from the NY Times initially sparked our interest. Take and Oyster By Surprise
Domaine de la Quilla Muscadet Sevre & Maine- 2004 (Loire Valley, France) $10- Not Bad 😐

Everything about this wine speaks of salt. The smell of the wine was very salty, very oceanic and light. It definitely refers to its roots and region, which is high in salt content and is very minerally. It has a taste to match as well. It’s incredibly clean, salty, and minerally. It reminds me of summer days on the New Jersey Shore, coming home from the beach, sand between toes, between everything, and my mom hovering over a steaming pot of bright red crabs and sizzling lobster tails. I can see how this particular type of wine is most classically paired with shellfish, the natural neutral creamy flesh of clams, oysters, shrimp, and scallops would really make you appreciate the salt and tart to this wine. Although, I would say not great as a stand alone drink, this particular bottle is worth having as an accompaniment.

Sniff- sea salt, mineral, citrus

Sip- salt, mineral, clean, tart

Eat- seafood, shellfish


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