In the beginning there was white…

First off, I feel its incredibly fitting that this blog dedicated to booze start on the most glorious of booze-related days…St. Patrick’s Day. We wandered amongst the drunken hoards dressed in all shades of green. The bars were surrounded by queues of thirsty people. Inspired by the spirit of the day we mosied on over to our favorite watering hole, The Tasting Room and ordered a white flight. As we compared our palates and tasting notes, we realized that some of this was worth noting, even worth blogging and so we’re introducing to you the musings of our alcoholic experiences.

White is the new red…

Allram Gruner Veitliner Gaisber 2002 (Kamptal, Austria) $22- Damn Good ๐Ÿ˜‰
At first whiff we both commented that there was an herbal smell with mild tones of cantaloupe and citrus. On drinking the nose did not disappoint. There was a fresh flavor of cantelope, very clean, like fresh cut grass. The finish was bitter and tart like a pomelo or even pomegranate. With time the nose developed into a more mellow melon losing the initial herbal quality and almost developed a raisiny smell. Surprisingly the wine mellowed out as well and much of the bitterness of the finish was lost, leaving only a refreshing tart.
Sniff- herbal, citrus, melon to mellow melon, raisin
Sip- cantaloupe, clean, fresh
Eat- Seafood, bacon and dates, lighter fair

Two Hands Brilliant Disguise Muscato (Barossa Valley, Australia) $20 (1/2 bottle) -Orgasmic๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Upon sniffing I knew this would be a heartachingly beautiful wine. With floral smells perfectly balanced by fruit I wished I could bottle it as perfume and fill my home with the scent. The taste did not disappoint, with flavors of pear, peach, the bubbles were incredibly delicate and tight. Complex and beautiful this is the Audrey Hepburn of Moscatos. The finish was clean and bright and conjured memories of peach picking and biting into the perfumy fuzz of perfectly ripe fruit. I bought a bottle at the cellar immediately after.
Sniff- rose, floral, fruity
Sip- Fruity, light, complex, peach, pear, pineapple
Eat- Blueberry cobbler, light summer dessert

Esporao Reserve 2005 (Portugal) $22- Damn Good๐Ÿ˜‰
The fumes as I would call it of this startlingly complex white definitely reminded me of melted burnt rubber on a hot summer road. There was a metallic scent as well. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste which had the subtle hint of coconut and lemon and was complex, oaky, smooth, and substantial. It was like meeting a trucker that reads Fouccault. Given some time to air out the wine actually changed much like a red into a mellower buttery tone and the coconut and citrus component was more pronounced, the nose actually changed as well into a very pleasant mild scent with little of the previous rubber. By the last gulp I swear I tasted a little hint of movie theater popcorn. This wine is definitely an experience and would do well with some decanting.
Sniff- Burnt rubber and metal to mellow and pleasant
Sip- coconut, lemon, oak, buttery, smooth, rich, heavy, full bodied
Eat- Something in a heavy cream sauce or a coconut curry


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