Curry Take-Out For Two

We decided to end the day with a nice meal at home and opted for Indian curry to match the fruity red that I keep on hand. The pairing was tasty and left me satisfied. All I can say is stick a fork in me I am done!

Le Grotte Rosse Dolce (Lambrusco, Italy) $6– Not Bad 😐

Peaking my nose over the edge of me glass, mouth stuffed with spicy creamy curry, I caught the whiff of what I would name a guys smelly arm pit dipped in vinegar. The acrid smell of this wine is excusable and faint but nonetheless reminiscent of balsamic vinegar gone bad. However, the taste more than makes up for the nose. With sweet effervescent freshness, this fruity red is simple and tasty with bold ripe cherry flavor. I would describe it as the young hot sweaty pool boy of reds. Its great with spicy dishes like curries. Best served chilled, this wine never disappoints for the price, a mere 6 buckaroos of lip smacking goodness.

PS: I have to agree on the sweaty scent. My first thought when I caught the whiff of it – Aragon! So yes, this shall henceforth be dubbed the Aragon of wines: hot, sweaty, but incredibly (and somewhat disturbingly) alluring and sweet. Erm. Yes. Definitely a sexy wine you want to snuggle up on the couch to… like what I’m doing with Wendy right now.

I think it deserves a “Not Bad” rating too, simply because it’s such a fun wine to drink. I must admit – I’ve brought it to some parties, parties where wine isn’t a focal point but where people just want to down pleasant-tasting wine to get a buzz.

Sniff- vinegar, sweat

Sip- cherry, raspberries, fresh, sweet, bubbly
Eat- Curries, saltier dishes (note tastes like crap if paired with anything very sweet)


3 responses to “Curry Take-Out For Two

  1. Peishan, your analogies are as rife as the wine you’re describing. With a little more work, you’ll be Eye of Argon quality 🙂

  2. Er, how are analogies rife? Or how are wines rife, for that matter?

  3. WildEyeWanderer

    Sounds delicious, but then again everything with curry sounds at least 20% more delicious

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