Celebrating St. Patty’s with Wine

In that previous post, Wendy provided some really incisive comments about the wine. I think going forward, we’ll try to eliminate the redundancy of posting twice on the same wine, but instead just lend both our voices to that one post. We thought since this blog is still brand new however, we could do with populating it a little more. 😉

So here are some of my thoughts on the wine.

2002 Allram Gruner Veltliner Gaisberg, Kamptal (Austria) -Damn good

This wine had a herb-y nose when we first tasted it. But after it sat out for a while, the melon-y nose became stronger and stronger, until it was almost over powering – every sniff brought back memories of one of my Bangkok trips so many years ago, when I lugged not one, not two, but more than half a dozen pomelos back to Singapore with me (my mum’s friend, whom I visited, insisted on my sharing the juicy fruits with the rest of my family). Incredible. But while the nose was sweet, the body was surprisingly tart from start to finish. It’ll be perfect with prosciutto and melons, I think. Wendy said, if the wine was a woman, it would be Heather Grahams: great melons and is a tart.

2006 Two Hands Brilliant Disguise Moscato, Barossa Valley (Austraila) -Orgasmic

Wendy dubbed this the Audrey Hepburn of wines, and I must say, it’s a great choice. It reminded me of the Chardonnay candle that I bought so many years ago, on that Napa road trip with TPR – she said of it, “If love had a smell, this would be it.”

This has got to be my favorite Moscato ever. Well, the best Moscato I’ve had in a really long time. I still have fond memories of that bottle I’d lugged back from Alba. But most of the Moscatos I’ve had of late are insipidly sweet, and pretty flat.

This one though, had a beautiful floral nose. Its color was clear, almost water-clear, especially when set between the other two wines, so we knew just from its looks that wasn’t going to be sweet. It wasn’t. It had small tight bubbles that shot upwards daintily, in tiny columns. It was a little tart, but taste of peaches and pears clearly shone through. Wendy thinks it’ll be a perfect match with a blueberry crumble.

2005 Esporao Reserve, Portugal -Damn good

I don’t know if people normally decant white wines, but this was a wine that seriously needed some decanting. When we first smelled it, it was strongly reminiscent of “rubber tires on a hot summer’s day,” and had hints of “rusted metal”. Yeah… not the most alluring of scents I know. But taste of it was pleasant – heavy, smooth, with a sort of “gamey” finish. Very clean and rounded.

It actually mellowed out a lot after we let it sit for a bit. this was a chardonnay grape, but although it did have the oaky taste, it didn’t have that buttery flavor that a lot of Napa wines are famous for. Because of its weight, it’ll be a good pairing for heavy cream sauces.


One response to “Celebrating St. Patty’s with Wine

  1. I must try the Moscato as both you and Wendy have described it as “orgasmic” could be just what I need…

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